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Interior design.
      Circular staircase.       
    Wrought ironwork.    
       Terrace railings.         

Commercial and Internationnal

Ornamental railings.
Architectural design.
Artistic railing.
      Ornamental ironwork.    
Victorian railing.
Grand staircase.


Monumental staircases.
Patrimony and Heritage.
Grand staircase.
Terraces design.
Cast iron railing.
Metal railings.


CAD design.
Stair design.
    Forged steel.        
Steel, laser cut.
Stainless steel.
 Bronze handrail.

We are proud to present you some of our art hand crafts-men-ship


Design D'ici

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Since 1980, we have specialized in creation, design, construction, restoration, renovation and the decoration of ornamental metal railings and architectural design products.
Staircase and railing are an important architectural design element of your house; artistic railing and staircase can be considered as work of art.
After discussion with the customer and in collaboration with your designer service or architect, Design d ici, surrounded by a professional team of crafts man and artisans, and with the help of the latest technologies, Auto cad design, laser cut design, will be pleased to deliver an artistic vision of your interior railing or exterior terrace railing.
ART HAND CRAFTS ART, produce in our shop by the rule of art, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, of ‘’quality design d ici’’ who’s reputation as been forged by years of artistic architectural design product.

  RAW MATERIAL: wrought iron railings, iron work, stainless steel, forged steel, bronze, brass, cast iron, glass, curved glass, bent glass, thermoformed glass, architectural glass, tempered glass, ornamental railing, marble staircases, granite.

PRODUCT; railing, ornamental railings, handrail, architectural product, monumental staircases, grand staircase, artistic railing, Stairs, Stairway, blacksmith, Ornamental staircase can reveal much about an architectural approach to design construction and artistic railings.

FINISH; bronze patina, patina steel, varnish bronze and brass, outside projects are finish with galvanized steel (hot or cold), and paint by a professional’s team.

SERVICE; design vision, residential, commercial, terrace design, hotel, designer service, manufacture, professional artisan, architect, construction, decoration, restoration.

It is with great pride that we present some of our …projects.

Grand Staircase, Hotel Vogue, Montreal. Ornamental wrought iron railing with bronze handrail.
Hotel Hilton, (Dorval) cast iron railing and wrought iron railing.
Hotel Wyndham, bronze hand rail and glass railings.
Grand Hotel, restaurant Chez Antoine, brass and glass railing.
Chateau Mont-Tremblant, (Fairmount hotel), ornamental wrought iron railings.
Place des Arts, Montreal, monumental staircase, conception of steel railing and marble railing.
Auberge Godefroy, Trois-Rivieres, wrought iron railing, with glass and marble railings.
Smithsonian museum, Washington, Victorian cast iron railing.
King Hall, Montreal, cast iron victorian railing.
Royal Bank old Montreal, bronze door and marble restoration.
Toronto national bank, stainless steel railings.
Montreal bank head office restoration, bronze railing and marble.
Restaurant Mondo Sacks, Curved glass and brass railing.
Restaurant Chez Antoine, Grand Hotel, brass railing and glass railings.
Ottawa Cathedral and Montreal Cathedral, bronze railing.
Holt Renfrew, Montreal, restoration; bronze handrail on existing curved glass staircase.
Windsor station, restoration and reproduction of bronze handrail.
Hotel Marriott, Chateau Champlain, bronze, wrought iron terrace railing.
Club Mount Stephen, wrought iron exterior terrace railing.
Condo Verriere, exterior bronze railing.

It is said that one picture is worth a thousand words, so we are pleased to present photographs of our craftsmanship. You can see for yourself the DESIGN D ICI standard of quality.

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